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Finding the right flooring option for your home isn’t always easy. Here at Z&C Flooring, we’ve put together a collection of flooring ideas to help you make the right decision. Discover inspirational flooring designs from room to room to help set you down the right path. Ignite your flare for design with these our flooring inspiration below.

Room by Room Flooring Inspiration

Beautiful flooring ideas for any style and purpose.

Bedroom Flooring Inspiration

Our selection of wool carpets ensures you’ll find the perfect choice to add a little extra warmth and a lavish look to your bedroom. While carpets will require a bit more maintenance compared to hardwood flooring, there is simply no substitute in terms of warmth and overall comfort.

Living Room Flooring Inspiration

Bring the great outdoors inside with textures reminiscent of natural materials. Engineered timber flooring is an affordable alternative to real timber that mimics these natural textures. Composed of a solid plywood core and a thin hardwood surface, enjoy the qualities of real timber at a fraction of the cost.

Dining Room Flooring Inspiration

For high-traffic areas such as the dining room, you’ll want something as durable as it is stylish. Instead of a real wood face, laminate flooring has a printed texture overlaid with a strong resin, giving you the look of natural timber with the added convenience of nearly indestructible materials.

Find Flooring That Inspires You With Z&C Flooring

Flooring is among the most significant elements of interior design. Stop overlooking its potential and get inspired with flooring ideas to suit any home. Z&C Flooring can transform your flooring inspiration into a reality in no time. Call us today to learn more about our products and services. We’ll help you capture the spirit of your dream home with the perfect flooring solution.