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Vinyl sheet flooring is a modern, adaptable flooring option with unlimited potential. It brightens rooms and feels soft underfoot without being susceptible to damage. Due to its water resistance, vinyl is the perfect solution for bathroom and kitchen floors, so you won’t have to worry about drips and drops ever again. If you’re after vinyl flooring in Auckland that is equal parts function and style, Z&C Flooring has the solution for you.

Statement Prints for Unique Styles

With vinyl sheet flooring, the range of potential patterns is as extensive as your imagination. Modern printing technology allows you to create flooring designs or add a company logo for commercial spaces – the design potential is limitless. Vinyl floors are particularly useful for spaces that could do with some brightening up and benefit from reflection, such as bathrooms.

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+11 available colours
+11 available colours
Cafe Noir
+11 available colours
+16 available colours
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Make Mess a Distant Memory

The most well-documented benefit of vinyl sheets is how easy they are to maintain. Spills and humid areas that would otherwise destroy wooden or carpet floors are no problem for vinyl – making them perfect for messy and high-use areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. Any area exposed to a great deal of moisture or dirt is ideal for vinyl since cleaning it off is remarkably easy.

Built for Comfort

Hate the feeling of cold feet in the morning? Vinyl is great for regulating heat; unlike stone and other natural materials, it won’t get too hot in sunny rooms or cold on chilly mornings. The surface maintains an even temperature that’s easy on your feet.

Affordable Flooring Excellence

Vinyl flooring is the most affordable flooring option on the market, and vinyl sheet flooring is an even more cost-effective version. It’s easy to see why since vinyl sheets are mass-produced in huge rolls without precision cutting and waste.

Discover the Benefits of Vinyl Sheet Flooring with Z&C Flooring

Vinyl sheet flooring is a cost-effective option that provides countless benefits over traditional flooring alternatives. Impart your personal style into your home with this durable and versatile flooring.