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Engineered wood flooring brings the great outdoors inside with the authentic texture and grain of real timber. Characterised by refined impressions of the natural world, our collection of engineered timber flooring will turn your home into your retreat. Flip the script on interior design and turn your flooring into a focal point with Z&C Flooring. Explore our engineered timber flooring options below.

An Affordable Alternative to Solid Timber Floors

Engineered wood flooring retains all the charm of natural wood with the added benefit of increased durability. This flooring solution comprises multiple layers; a thin top layer of timber veneer covers a ply, pine, or rubber wood substrate. This design achieves the same luxurious look and feel of solid timber while reducing the cost and increasing the durability.

Regal Oak
+6 available colours
+5 available colours

A more Affordable Timber Floor

The price of solid timber flooring has increased due to the amount of hardwood used in construction. Engineered flooring substitutes most of the hardwood for plywood, reducing the overall cost of the flooring without sacrificing the quality of the flooring surface.

Easy to Install

Engineered timber is prefinished. It can float over your existing flooring, making the installation process quick and easy. The boards are also more uniform than traditional wood flooring, making them easier to install and saving time and money.

Sturdier than Traditional Hardwood

Engineered wood floors are more durable than raw timber due to the protective coatings used during manufacturing. Some even feature water-resistant qualities, making this hardwood alternative feasible in places like the bathroom without the risk of warped planks.

Engineered Flooring is an Eco-Friendly Solution

Engineered timber floors use far less wood than traditional hardwood flooring, which is fantastic news for our forests! There is also less waste as the manufactured nature of the planks leads to fewer defective or cracked boards. Engineered flooring is becoming increasingly popular as we all consciously try to go green.

Our engineered timber flooring invites nature’s natural tones and textures through the front door and throughout your house. Create your very own oasis at home with Z&C Floorings engineered wood floors. Give us a call or stop by our Auckland showroom today.